make me choose between two things; Afro Leigh-Anne  or Straight hair Leigh-Anne

anon - if someone from a different culture says 'stop, don't do that, that's disrespectful', and your first response is '...well, /i/ don't think so', you're ridiculous! if your 'fun' comes at the expense of people who are ridiculed, harassed and seriously injured for doing the same exact thing (wearing headdresses/dreads/bindis, for example), you don't get to be surprised or confused when those people get exhausted explaining themselves to you, and write you off.

and that’s all that needs to be said really. if people aren’t understanding this by now, it’s not because they can’t it’s because they just don’t want to tbh.

i know a lot of you want to defend perrie bc she receives a lot of hate that’s unnecessary, but wanting to tell her why she’s doing something wrong is not the same as like telling her to go die. stop trying to drown out legit criticisms with all this derailing. she fucked up, and i hope she is able to finally one day learn why she needs to stop doing all of this.

not answering anything else bc it’s getting repetitive at this point lol

I really am not trying to be rude but why do you have to make it that way? Like what if she wanted to wear it for fun, and not trying to be insulting. I feel like now no one can wear a headdress. Of course i understand where you are coming from. Im sorry if this sounds rude

i’m gonna to be honest with you all, if y’all want to come in my inbox trying to defend her or make me think what she did was anything but ignorant, it’s not gonna work

I feel like now no one can wear a headdress and no one is supposed to be wearing one anyway. ppl have been getting away with stuff like this for a long time and it’s good that they are finally getting called out

May i ask what is so offensive about it nothing rude or anything i just dont get it really....

basically they have significance beyond just being a fun fashion accessory. there was a rly good post about it somewhere that i can’t find now, but a quick google search gave me these links that you can read if you want to know more:

what is it that perrie has done that is so bad?

she just posted a couple pictures of her in a headdress, both with stupid ass captions

perrie absolutely must be stopped like why has no one told her this shit is offensive and gross?? does she not listen like at all

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